Casie and Ryan's Zion National Park Elopement

Sometimes, you get to be a part of such incredible moments, that it takes a while to realize you were actually there. Capturing these two was definitely one of these moments. Casie and Ryan were some of the funniest humans I got to photograph. You know how they say “marry your best friend”, well I’m pretty sure that’s what they mean.

We spent an hour hiking. Casie is a badass girl who showed up in a sparkly dress, Doc Martens and a sleeve of tattoos and friends I AM HERE FOR IT!!! I captured their hike to the top, we had some little stops to enjoy the breathtaking views and snap some sweet memories of their day. We made it to the top for the golden hour, and that was such a special moment. 

By the end of the day, Casie told me she could not anymore because her jaw was hurting from laughing too much. Check out the last picture to see the picture I snapped. Aren’t these the moments we all live for? 

Casie, Ryan, you guys are the absolute best! Cheers to you! 

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