How will I receive my photos, how many will I receive & how long does it take?

You will receive your high resolution images by email. They will be hosted in a beautiful online gallery for you to vision, favorite, download, share, print & more.
Weddings & elopements are edited within 6 weeks or less and you will receive a sneak peek within 72h. Other sessions are delivered within 3 weeks, with a sneak peek sent within 48h.
You will receive 50+ images for each hour of photographic coverage. A one hour session usually receives 60+ images, and a 6h wedding receives 300+ images.
In French we say "When you love, you don't count things" - I'll include all the images I know you'll love no matter the count. :)

Where are you based and do you travel?

I am based out of Miami, Florida in the United States and yes I do travel! It's one of my favorite thing to do. If you want me to photograph your story, it will require a travel fee, depending on where it takes place. Check my travel calendar to see if you can catch me in your area and wave the travel fees. :)
So many couples travel to me as well, and I'm more than happy to take you to my favorite spots & make an adventure out of it!

What if we need to reschedule or cancel our session? Or what if the weather is bad?

I know life happens so keep me posted if you need to reschedule your session and we'll find you a new date. If you cancel your session, I'll be super bummed but I totally get it. I have a non-refundable deposit, so you won't receive that part back, however if you have already paid for the rest of your session, I can pay you back that portion.

If the weather is bad, I’m still here for it! I'm a believer of dancing in the rain rather than waiting for the storm to pass. :) Also I’m born and raised in Normandy, so rain doesn't scare me. Rain, wind and stormy weather during your shoot or elopement make for amazing & spontaneous photographs! We can try to reschedule if you prefer but we will communicate about all that together!

Do you photograph families, seniors, new borns & brands?

Yes, all of it! I don't often do new borns sessions but I'll absolutely document this milestone in your life.

Do you speak any other languages?

Yes! I speak French, English and Spanish fluently and I am happy to accommodate you & your families with their language preference.
I also have some Italian left from college that I'll probably mix in with some Spanish & hand gestures. That should do the trick.


Do you have payment plans?

Yes!! Let me know if that's something you'd be interested in and we'll work together on it.

Do you help in the planning process?

I'm here to help you every step of the way. Whether that means helping you pick the perfect location, or finding a florist, makeup artist, which outfits to wear, etc. Anything I can help with to make this moment special, let me know!

Do you offer discounts?

I don't offer discounts. But I'm open to talk to everyone about their budget and figure out how we can make it work! :)

I was just wondering...

I was just wondering...

Will you photoshop us?

Nope! I am here to document you just the way you are at this very moment in your life. I will only photoshop your images if I REALLY need to remove some random stuff in the background or something like that but that's it.


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I'm happy to help!