Kylee and Brennan's Adventure Elopement

Zion National Park, UT

There is something so pure about making a lifelong promise here, on top of the world, just the two of you. Kylee and Brennan's elopement in Zion National Park was nothing short of magic, adventure and ultimate romance.

I scouted the trail we had carefully chosen together the day before, so I could properly inform them of the difficulty, the current state (it was snowing!), the length and the different spots we would stop at for the different moments of their day. This trail is so breathtaking. I got to the very top and knew it was the perfect spot for them to say "I do", on the cliff, overlooking the mountains.

On the day of, we met at the very beginning of the trail, and started the hike together. Our first stop was in a cave. The intimate, dark and covered space was perfect for the exchange of their vows. I captured some candid on our way to the top. I love how grooms are always so attentive and protective of their bride during adventure elopement; leading the way, holding the dress, offering their helping hand. These are the small , meaningful gestures that I want to capture, always.

After an hour and a half hiking, we finally made it to the top. I gave Kylee and Brennan some space to soak it in, before we started the ceremony. It was cold, with an overcast and wind, but somehow, seeing the two of them there, on top of the world, holding hands and staring into each other eyes made all of us completely forget about it. There's no words to describe the beauty of this moment, only these few images below.

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